[wingide-users] Hide autocomplete if symbol is unique and complete

Hugh Gibson hgibson at cix.co.uk
Wed Jul 19 09:41:00 MDT 2006

Quite often I type faster than autocompletion. It's a pain having the auto-complete list box come up, even though I've typed in a complete symbol. I have to press "esc" to clear it. In these cases, it would be easy to detect that the symbol is complete and automatically hide the auto-complete list immediately.

I can set the timeout for autocomplete to go away, but that might be a pain if you didn't really want it to disappear and you don't press a key in time. Also, once you've started selecting items from the list, it will still disappear within the timeout.

Obviously if you have symbols ab and abc, if you type in "ab" you can't tell if the symbol is complete so in this case you would leave the list showing.


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