[wingide-users] scripting example question

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Wed Jul 5 08:52:54 MDT 2006

Andrew Webster wrote:
>     I place the test.py file in the proper place, (C:\Documents and
> Settings\myuser\Application Data\Wing IDE 2\scripts or C:\Program 
> Files\Wing
> IDE 2.1\scripts?) pick edit->reload all scripts then, the instructions say
> to execute the script by typing Escape followed by X again and then
> test-script.

Try using ctrl-F12 to bring up the entry to enter the script name (ESC-x 
still works in emacs mode, but not in other modes).  The cursor should 
be transferred to an entry on the status bar when you press ctrl-F12. 
This will be changed in the manual.

The script file should go into any directory listed in the scripting 
search path preference.



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