[wingide-users] ExecuteCommandLine() produces hanging processes

Markus Meyer meyer at mesw.de
Wed Jul 5 01:26:39 MDT 2006

Hi everyone,

with my PyLint integration script, when certain options are given on the
command line, ExecuteCommandLine() produces hanging processes. E.g.,
when I execute the following command (Linux, Wing2.1):

err, result = wingapi.gApplication.ExecuteCommandLine('"/usr/bin/pylint"
"/some/file.py" --reports=n --parseable=n --html=n --indent-string=" 
"', '/some', 30)

the call times out and leaves a hanging Python process around.

Executing the following completes fine in a few second:

result = os.popen('"/usr/bin/pylint" "/some/file.py" --reports=n
--parseable=n --html=n --indent-string="  "').read()

Needless to say, the command also completes fine when executed in the shell.

What could be the cause of this?


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