[wingide-users] mysterious crash in debug mode when importing sqlobject

Gigi the.gigi at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 11:05:15 EST 2006

Hi Martijn,
Wing  doesn't crash it just reports the traceback. I changed the debugger
settings to report exceptions only when the process terminates and
everything works for me now. I wonder why the default seting is to report
immediately. If the exception is handled (even if it appears to Wing it
doesn't) then it shouldn't be reported and if it is really unhandled then
the process will terminate anyway and Wing can report it then. Can you
explain when it is useful to report an exception immediately?

Thanks, Gigi

On 1/18/06, Martijn Pieters <mj at zopatista.com> wrote:
> Gigi wrote:
> > the sqlobject package is installed properly. It works fine of course
> > when I run it from the command line and using the Pythonwin debugger.
> > However, when I try to run it in WingIDE I get the a nasty exception in
> > the recursive guts of regular expressions virtual machine. I tried to
> > trace it back, but it's too convoluted in there. I tried to restart wing
> > a couple of times and it didn't help. I searched the web and I didn't
> > find anyone else with a similar problem. Does anyone have a clue?
> You mean that Wing crashes? Or just that Wing reports the traceback? The
> latter is normal, and you can instruct Wing to ignore it. Wing only
> fails to detect that the exception is handled properly further down the
> stack.
> Martijn Pieters
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