[wingide-users] Source/Object browser losng sync with code

Russell Warren rwarren at picarro.com
Tue Feb 28 11:58:01 EST 2006

Last year I got this very handy script enabling me to force Wing to re-analyze source files on-demand.  This fixes the occasionaly problem when the carry-forward source analysis scheme loses synch with the actual source.  Since then I've been a very heavy user of this... for whatever reason it is a problem that occurs very frequently for me.

Do I still need this script?  I don't see anything related in the bugfix list.
Or - Is there now a menu option I can't currently locate to trigger re-analysis?


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Russell Warren wrote:
> Can you please point me to an example of how to have a script add itself to a menu (or set up a periodic task)?  Even better would be if you could make the (minor?) mod to the script you provided so that it stuffs a "Re-analyze file" option at the bottom of the Source menu.

Attached is an updated script that attaches itself to the editor context 
(right-click) menu and makes itself available only if the file is a 
Python file.  Attaching a script to the bottom of the Source menu is not 
currently supported.

Examples of scripts can be found in the scripts directory of the Wing 
IDE installation directory.

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