[wingide-users] Keeping the wxWidgets loop active at a breakpoint

Bill Baxter wbaxter at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 01:35:06 EST 2006

At the minimum I just want to be able to run the program from the IDE and
have the graphs stay up so I can interact with them.  Currently they get
closed immediately after my main() returns.  So I tried putting in a break
point just before return from main, and that indeed kept them from
disappearing, but now their thread(s) were frozen, so no repaints.    At a
minimum I'd be happy if I just could find some wx.App function or something
that would let me "rejoin" the program's main loop.  I'm not really sure how
pylab does it's magic, though, if it's with threads or something else.
Better would be if I could look at the graphs when stopped at a break point
(then I could use the graphs as sort of debugging aid along side the debug

Having the graphs stay "alive", even when at a break point, is how Matlab
works, which is why I initially naively just expected this to work without
fuss out of the box.

Again, I'm not sure whether the cause is Wing or Pylab or wx or some
combination of the three.  I just want my graphs to be usable while
developing within Wing.  With the current situation I don't see anything I
can do except go outside Wing to run my program.


On 2/28/06, Wingware Support <support at wingware.com> wrote:
> Bill Baxter wrote:
> > Wing folks: is there some Wing setting I can use to change the
> breakpoint
> > behavior?  Assuming pylab graphs are in a separate thread, would there
> be
> > some way to specify that a breakpoint shouldn't stop that thread?
> When the debugger is stopped at a breakpoint, nothing runs on the thread
> that is stopped.  Because Wing's debugger only supports a single thread,
> all other threads can run, but I suspect that the display won't update
> until the main thread runs.
> May I ask what you want to do here?  I ask because a debugger typically
> stops all parts of a program when a breakpoint is hit.  Are you looking
> for an interactive console where you can enter commands and have the
> graph be updated in response to your commands?
> John

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