[wingide-users] Keeping the wxWidgets loop active at a breakpoint

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Tue Feb 28 00:50:56 EST 2006

Bill Baxter wrote:
> Wing folks: is there some Wing setting I can use to change the breakpoint
> behavior?  Assuming pylab graphs are in a separate thread, would there be
> some way to specify that a breakpoint shouldn't stop that thread?

When the debugger is stopped at a breakpoint, nothing runs on the thread 
that is stopped.  Because Wing's debugger only supports a single thread, 
all other threads can run, but I suspect that the display won't update 
until the main thread runs.

May I ask what you want to do here?  I ask because a debugger typically 
stops all parts of a program when a breakpoint is hit.  Are you looking 
for an interactive console where you can enter commands and have the 
graph be updated in response to your commands?


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