[wingide-users] 2.1 Debugger oddity, Key Bindings Note

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Feb 27 23:36:58 EST 2006

Thomas E. Lackey wrote:
> Often when
> debugging, if I try to toggle a breakpoint while the program is running,
> but is not 'broken', instead of the change I get:
> "Some breakpoints in debug process could not be updated after edits."

This occurs when the IDE can't communicate with the debug process when a
breakpoint is changed.  We'll look into why the debug process is being 

> The next is only in 2.1b.  Occasionally, if I press 'Stop' in a debugged
> program instead of letting it run to completion, or if the above
> breakpoint change problem happens and terminates a debugged program,
> trying to debug again fails.  

Can you submit a bug report from within the IDE and include the 
error-log?  This is definitely a bug.

> Last are a few Visual Studio key bindings.  I have been using VS2005
> lately, but I think these are pretty standard between versions.  The
> main two I have noticed are, Ctrl-Shift-F, which should be "Search in
> Files," and Ctrl-K, Ctrl-K which should be "Toggle Bookmark."  From that
> one might follow Next (Ctrl-K, Ctrl-N) and Previous (Ctrl-K, Ctrl-P)
> bookmark. 

Thanks -- we'll add these.  Any ideas for the open from keyboard command 
that's currently bound to ctrl-K ctrl-K and is bound to ctrl-K in the 
default/normal mode?  Also, is there anything equivalent to 
switch-document in visual studio?  This is one of the things I miss when 
I need to use it in order to debug C code.



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