[wingide-users] 2.1 Debugger oddity, Key Bindings Note

Thomas E. Lackey telackey at redbudcomputer.com
Mon Feb 27 12:04:19 EST 2006

I have just had a chance to try 2.1 for a little bit so far, but I have
noticed a few small things.


I have seen two things regarding the debugger that don't seem right.
The first is one that is also in 2.0, but I wanted to mention it in case
it might have a chance to be changed by 2.1's release.  Often when
debugging, if I try to toggle a breakpoint while the program is running,
but is not 'broken', instead of the change I get:

"Some breakpoints in debug process could not be updated after edits."


And the process is terminated.  This happens even if when have not
edited the file.  I am not sure why toggling a breakpoint is necessarily
a problem, but I am sure there is a reason.  However, I would much
prefer it if it warned me that the breakpoint could not be added (or
removed), but did not terminate the process.

The next is only in 2.1b.  Occasionally, if I press 'Stop' in a debugged
program instead of letting it run to completion, or if the above
breakpoint change problem happens and terminates a debugged program,
trying to debug again fails.  Unfortunately, I could not replicate this
as I was typing this message, but notice I receive in the lower corner
of the IDE in that case is similar to "Cannot communicate with debug
server."  Restarting Wing restores it back to normal.


Last are a few Visual Studio key bindings.  I have been using VS2005
lately, but I think these are pretty standard between versions.  The
main two I have noticed are, Ctrl-Shift-F, which should be "Search in
Files," and Ctrl-K, Ctrl-K which should be "Toggle Bookmark."  From that
one might follow Next (Ctrl-K, Ctrl-N) and Previous (Ctrl-K, Ctrl-P)
bookmark.  It would also be really nice to see some sort of marker next
to a line to indicate a bookmark, like a little blue ball (cf. VS), or a
little book icon.


I hate to have only complaints in there.  Wing is a great product.  And
for 2.1 I am really happy with the new key bindings (I am both a vi and
a VS user), the breakpoint tool, and the auto-update feature is great.
I just downloaded my first updates.  Also having bookmarks, the "Show
detail" option in the Stack Data and Watch windows, etc, are all very


Thanks for a great product!



Thomas E Lackey



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