[wingide-users] Keeping the wxWidgets loop active at a breakpoint

Bill Baxter wbaxter at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 00:19:17 EST 2006

This is a problem with debugging a program (in Wing) that uses pylab (a
graphing module), which in turn uses wxWidgets to display its graphs (I'm
using pylab's WXAgg drawing backend).  I'm not sure which community would
have the best insight into the issue so please forgive me for crossposting
to all three.

The problem I'm having is very simple.  When I'm stopped at a breakpoint in
the IDE, the wxWidgets loop stops running too, so the graphs don't refresh
their drawing.

On the other hand, in the Wing IDE, if I just let the program run to
completion, then the graphs disappear before I have a chance to look at
them.  wx, pylab, and Wing are all pretty compex things, so I'm not sure
where to look for how to fix this particular behavior.

WX folks: Is there some way to make it so that the wx main loop stay active
at an IDEs breakpoint?  Or some way to say at the end of my program "just go
into the loop currently in progress".

Pylab folks: Is there a setting that I can use to make graphs run in
separate threads or processes?

Wing folks: is there some Wing setting I can use to change the breakpoint
behavior?  Assuming pylab graphs are in a separate thread, would there be
some way to specify that a breakpoint shouldn't stop that thread?

Thanks for any suggestions,

--Bill Baxter
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