[wingide-users] WTH are auto-bookmarks anyway?

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Fri Feb 24 12:42:44 EST 2006

On Thu, 23 Feb 2006, Peter Fein wrote:
> Martijn Pieters wrote:
>> Peter Fein wrote:
>>> Umm, not to be a complete idiot, but what the heck are auto-bookmarks
>>> anyway?  I'm running Wing2.0, and all these commands seem to do is cycle
>>> through open files in some non-determinate order, sometimes visiting the
>>> same one twice before failing to cycle back to the beginning.
>> If you switch to another place in your code (because you CTRL-clicked an
>> identifier to jump to its definition, for example) your current location
>> is auto-bookmarked before the editor takes you there. This allows you to
>> track back to where you where before such jumps. To me that's unmissable
>> functionality.
> Umm, oh.  I guess that makes sense, but as the other Peter noted, it's
> not particularly clear what makes this happen.

I think the problem w/ the facility is that we should also be 
setting a mark on edits some amount of distance away from the 
previous mark.  My initial implementation of that didn't work 
well but it's on our list to improve this, and I'm guessing it 
will make things less confusing.

Stephan Deibel

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