[wingide-users] WTH are auto-bookmarks anyway?

Peter Fein pfein at pobox.com
Thu Feb 23 09:52:43 EST 2006

Martijn Pieters wrote:
> Peter Fein wrote:
>> Umm, not to be a complete idiot, but what the heck are auto-bookmarks
>> anyway?  I'm running Wing2.0, and all these commands seem to do is cycle
>> through open files in some non-determinate order, sometimes visiting the
>> same one twice before failing to cycle back to the beginning.
> If you switch to another place in your code (because you CTRL-clicked an
> identifier to jump to its definition, for example) your current location
> is auto-bookmarked before the editor takes you there. This allows you to
> track back to where you where before such jumps. To me that's unmissable
> functionality.

Umm, oh.  I guess that makes sense, but as the other Peter noted, it's
not particularly clear what makes this happen.

I think that touches on a larger set of complaints/confusions I have
with WingIDE.  I generally think it's fantastic, but some of the more
automatic UI features are a bit too complicated sometimes.

For example, which methods of opening a new file cause it to be pinned
vs. unpinned?  I have *never* figured this out, let alone what causes
the unpinned ones to spontaneously close on their own. :(

It's a great editor overall and I've taken the time to learn much of it,
but some of the windowing/movement features feel so sophisticated that
they're indistinguishable from randomness.

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