[wingide-users] First impressions with 2.1

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Wed Feb 22 22:24:39 EST 2006

Danny Bloemendaal wrote:
> Here are some of my first impressions

Thanks for the detailed feedback.  Most of it is good stuff and I'm only 
going to respond to parts that I have questions / comments on. 
Everything I omitted, I basically agree with.

> Auto-bookmarking:
> I'm still looking for a way to move to the previous auto-bookmark  
> using the keyboard. (Long long standing request). I tried to find it  
> in the help but that was no success, see below.

It's alt-left & alt-right, which translates into option-left & right on 
the Mac.  The commands are 'next-bookmark' and 'previous-bookmark'.

> Dual monitor support:
> I'm not working on a windows machine anymore but are you guys aware  
> that there are also problems on mac os regarding this? If I start  
> Wing on my powerbook and then attach a second display, drag Wing to  
> it and then open a dialog like file-open, that dialog is displayed on  
> the wrong screen and heavily distorted in size.

By heavily distorted in size, what do you mean?  I'll see if we're 
positioning dialogs incorrectly.

> Also, in the other way. If I open Wing on the second monitor, then  
> close it, detach the monitor and open Wing again, I have a Wing  
> window that is 1" wide.

This is a cross-platform bug.

> Help:
> I still cannot search in the help docs in WinG.I guess I have to  
> refer to the pdf?

Does 'Search Help' on the Help menu work?  It should bring up find in 
files with look in set to documentation.

> Move focus, shift-f1:
> What does it do? or should do? I have a split window and I see the  
> focus move from the left split to the right. Doing it again moves the  
> focus to the little search box in the toolbar. But from there it  
> stays there. Shift-f1 doesn't do anything anymore.

What windowing mode are you using?  I can't reproduce this.

> SVN support:
> Fantastic!
> But I can't get it to work ;-). Tried everything and all I get is a:

We've had several reports of problems on OS X.  We'll look into it.

> Searching:
> on my 1600x1200 display with Wing almost full screen, the input field  
> is as wide as the total windows size (too long if you ask me) and the  
> menu is also the same with. 

We'll try to address this probably by limiting the width of the field, 
but why do you have it spanning all of the 1600 pixel width?  I have to 
chuckle because many of the challenges have been trying to get it to fit 
in a much narrower space.

> Another suggestion regarding this: why show that menu at all on the  
> right with additional search options like incremental, show replace  
> etc. I'd say, show them like Case sensitive, Whole words etc. That  
> makes it far more direct. Just tack what you want without having to  
> open submenus first.

Some options are used more than others and there not enough room on 
smaller displays.

Thanks again for the feedback,


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