[wingide-users] Intel Macs?

Michael Bentley michael at jedimindworks.com
Wed Feb 15 20:45:45 EST 2006

Actually, until the good folks at wingware recompile it for us -- the  
debugger won't work.  I'm trying to evaluate Wing IDE, and I can use  
everything but the debugger.  Even without the debugger, it is nearly  
worth the money -- I must admit!  Still, I'd very much like to see  
the rest (and probably most impressive part) work before shelling out  
the $$$...


On Feb 15, 2006, at 5:46 PM, Charles Hartman wrote:

> Maybe this has already been addressed somewhere? I use Wing (wouldn't
> program in Python any other way!) on OS X under (unfortunately) X11.
> I'm thinking about getting one of the new Intel iMacs. I assume it
> will come with X11, though I don't know that. So will I be able to
> continue work seamlessly? In this case, it doesn't seem as though
> there'd be a native-vs.-Rosetta problem, but what do I know?
> Charles Hartman
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