[wingide-users] Breakpoint checklist

Tom Stambaugh tms at zeetix.com
Fri Dec 15 07:48:27 MST 2006

Does anybody have a checklist of reasons why Wing might not stop at 
breakpoints when driven from a cgi script, along with possible 

I'm using Wing IDE Professional, on WinXP pro, debugging Python invoked from 
a CGI script under Apache. Everything worked fine until a few days ago. 
Since then, Wing only sporadically stops at breakpoints. I can generally 
depend on it to stop at a breakpoint set in the CGI file itself, but it 
seems to ignore things set and cleared in the libraries that are 
subsequently imported and run.

I've tried removing various pyc files, and I don't think it would take ANY 
breakpoints unless .wingdebugpw and windbstub.py were present in the 
relevant cgi-bin directory. The breakpoints *are* listed in the 
"Breakpoints" tab of the Wing Tool Box, and their "Enabled" checkbox is 
checked. For each, the "Ignores" and "Hits" columns contain "0", the 
"Temporary" checkbox is cleared, and the "Condition" field is empty. The 
filepaths for the listed files all look fine, and the referenced files are 
opened. I can see the python process start up (the "Stop" sign comes on, for 
example) and run -- it simply ignores the breakpoints, as if they weren't 

Any ideas?


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