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One thing to consider before setting up remote debugging is
whether there's a way to run Wing on the same machine as the
debug code.  It may be easier to do that than setting up remote
debugging.  Also, we strongly recommend _against_ debugging in
the context of a production/live server.

This above suggested method DOES work, at least for me on Windows XP, using
Python 2.3.4
The Wing support people got it working for me, and I've been using it almost
daily for a few months.
I can set breakpoints in the debugger, launch my app in a separate cmd
console, and have Wing break where I want.
All I/O is done from the cmd console window where the target application was
launched in, as opposed to the debug I/O Tab in the debugger.This should not
be a problem though.

As far as I am able to tell, all other Wing functions work normally.

To set this up, follow these simple steps

1. Add these lines ABOVE **ALL* imports in the **main** file
   import wingdbstub:
except ImportError:
   pass    # or print a message if needed.

#This prevents users who don't have Wing from an exception, if you
accidentally check your code into version control without removing  import

2. Copy  wingdbstub.py from the Program Files\Wing IDE 2.x directory to the
directory where your project main file is.
3. Edit the wingdbstub.py file IN YOUR PROJECT DIRECTORY, not the program
files directory, as follows
kEmbedded = 1

4. Copy the .wingdebugpw file    from c:\Documents and Settings\YOUR
USERNAME\Application Data\Wing IDE 2>
    to your project directory.

5. Under Preferences, Debugger, External Remote, Check the "Enable Passive
Listen" check box.
   Make sure you UNCHECK this box when finsihed this type of debug, because
there may be a performance hit using the  debugger with this feature

Make sure you import the wingdbstub file BEFORE ALL OTHER IMPORTS or you'll
have wierd things going on.

Your firewall/antivrus/network connections *may* require special
considerations not addresses above.
This is the process I use when I'm debugging. Your mileage may vary.

Good luck
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