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Mon Dec 11 09:31:34 MST 2006


One thing to consider before setting up remote debugging is 
whether there's a way to run Wing on the same machine as the 
debug code.  It may be easier to do that than setting up remote 
debugging.  Also, we strongly recommend _against_ debugging in 
the context of a production/live server.

If you don't have a machine handy (real or virtual with something 
like vmware) then you may be able to install Wing on the Linux 
server and display remotely to your Windows machine.  You'll need 
an X11 server for Windows, like:


or the more pricey:


(which apparently also does ssh tunneling, for the X11 
connection itself)

Sorry, I don't have detailed step by step instructions for either 
of these... :-(

> I'm not interested in insults or accusations -- I stipulate ahead of time 
> that YOU already know MORE about Linux, Python, and the world of computing 
> than I and that you ARE already MUCH MORE COOL than me. I just want to make 
> this work. I think Doug does too, and some of you seem to know how to do 
> this.

Bah.  I've been using Linux for over 10 years and I still hate it 
when it comes time to configure anything, especially a firewall.  
My approach is to forget everything each time and rediscover what 
I need to know using Google.  Remembering things like:

sudo ssh username at -L 25:

(which ssh tunnels tcp/ip port 25 (SMTP) to remote host 
under username "username") is just _not_ "COOL", or even "cool". ;-)

Your overall point is well taken -- it would be nice for this to 
be far simpler... ideally (1) run Wing, (2) drop some sort of 
setup tool on the remote system, possibly by ftp-ing/xferring it 
directly from Wing, (3) and start remote debugging.

Stephan Deibel

Wing IDE for Python
Advancing Software Development


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