[wingide-users] WingIDE and cygwin

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Sun Dec 10 19:07:24 MST 2006

Doug Farrell wrote:
> if I set up cygwin on my desktop that way I can mimic the same 
> exact directory structure on my desktop as is on the server. However, 
> what I want to know is if my Windows WingIDE will work with file in the 
> cygwin system, using those file paths? Or can I figure out the Windows 
> mapping of the cygwin directories and work that way?

Maybe others have more experience here, but I don't know how much cygwin 
will help.  That said, Wing can access files that cygwin an in the usual 
case where the files are stored on your c:, d:, etc drive, but you'll 
need to use the win32 names for the files rather than the cygwin names. 
  You can set cygwin (which I use for a few things that really need it) 
up with a mount so that /name is equivalent to c:\name.  If you're 
current drive is c:, /name can usually be used in either file system to 
access the directory.

You can debug something run under cygwin's python, but you need to 
launch it externally and essentially treat cygwin as a remote system 
because Wing will not translate the cygwin file names to win32 file names.



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