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If you have Samba on your linux server, then you can use the remote debugging feature described in the WingIDE documentation. All you need is WingIDE installed on Windows, set the "Enable Passive Listen" checkbox (in the Preferences, section External/Remote), add the IP of your linux server there, and copy your .wingdebugpw to the home directory on the linux server.

Then set up the location map (what is the most tricky part, as the paths on the client must be match with the paths on the server to allow setting breakpoints and have them stop the debugger)

Also, you need to install WingIDE on the linux server and copy the from the installation directory to where it can be imported in your python application. Check also the content of, adapt it or use the environment variables documented there to specify the client where your WingIDE installation is.

Works without (or very little) problems, no additional software needed except Samba plus access on the TCP/IP ports 50005 and 50015, in case there is a firewall in between.


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Hi all,

I've got WingIDE installed on my work desktop and am developing code there. However the ultimate destination for that code is a RedHat Linux server, so at some point I need to debug on the server. I've read some of the remote debugging stuff, and frankly I'm confused. Can anyone help me out, or point me to some information about how to set up remote debugging where WingIDE is on Windows and the executing Python program is on a Linux server?

Thanks in advance,
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