[wingide-users] Remote debugging

Tom Stambaugh tms at zeetix.com
Sat Dec 9 14:28:09 MST 2006

> Umm, I have no idea what a VShell Server is or WhyTF it costs $249, but it
> sounds like you just need an SSH tunnel, conveniently available for free
> (speech & beer) from the fine folks at http://www.openssh.org/...  There's 
> a
> windows build, though IIRC PuttySSH can do tunnels too (dunno, I don't use
> windows).

VShell Server is a Van Dyke product. Wingware support suggested I 
investigate it. It costs whatever it costs because that's how Van Dyke makes 
their money. The SSH tunnel needs to be originated at the Linux end, from 
the server. Nobody at WingWare was able to offer any more specific 
instructions on how to do it (on Linux) -- if you wanted to contribute same, 
I'm sure this community would appreciate it.

> I've done remote debugging with Wing over SSH once or twice... worked 
> fine.
> Google for instructions on how to set up a tunnel.  It's not that hard, 
> you
> just need to get the command line options right.  And you can do X11 
> sessions
> if the server's configured to allow it, though trying to do so over a WAN 
> is
> painfully slow.

As I've said, if it's so easy then I'm sure it won't be hard for you to 
write and publish same. Please recall that Doug's other post says that the 
server admin has disallowed x11 sessions.

> If you're not already using SSH, you've got more serious problems...

SSH is something different, SSH originates from and runs on the WinXP client 
and no special server-side software is required. Remote debugging requires 
and SSH connection *FROM* the server *TO* the client.


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