[wingide-users] WingIDE and cygwin

Doug Farrell writeson at charter.net
Sat Dec 9 13:19:16 MST 2006

Hi all,
At work I'm developing Python applications for RedHat Linux servers. 
However, the sysadmin of these servers won't enable X on the servers, so 
everyone works with ssh, putty and uses emacs and vi to edit their code. 
This is fine, but I really like WingIDE and bought a license for it so I 
could develop/debug on my Windows desktop machine as much as possible 
before transferring files over the Linux server. This works okay, but 
sometimes the differences in file paths on my desktop compared to my 
/home directory on the server gets in the way. What I'm wondering is 
this; if I set up cygwin on my desktop that way I can mimic the same 
exact directory structure on my desktop as is on the server. However, 
what I want to know is if my Windows WingIDE will work with file in the 
cygwin system, using those file paths? Or can I figure out the Windows 
mapping of the cygwin directories and work that way?

Thanks in advance,

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