[wingide-users] Integration with Source Safe - reloading r/o files

Rex Turnbull rex at dicad.de
Thu Aug 31 03:50:14 MDT 2006

My office uses Microsoft Visual Source Safe for version control. No 
point in discussions about that.

When I initially load a script in WingIDE it is usually write protected. 
Then I find something that needs changing, so I check out the file in 
VSS (remove write protection). However, I can't seem to get WingIDE to 
recognize this change in write protection. I tried "reload all scripts" 
but that is for something else.

Does anybody work similarly? Is there a way to force a reload without 
closing the file in the editor, then opening it again?

I don't need any further integration of VSS in WingIDE, write protect 
reloading is enough for me.


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