[wingide-users] Beep during type ahead find

Markus Meyer meyer at mesw.de
Tue Aug 29 01:00:01 MDT 2006

Jeffrey Harris schrieb:
> Is there some way to turn off the beep, or at least make it beep through
> the sound card?
I don't know what Wing does exactly, but I suppose it either uses the
standard windows Beep() method [1], which can be disabled using the
"net" command (without fiddling with device manager) or it just plays
the system default sound. The system default sound is a beep by default
but can be set to go to the sound card or be disabled in audio settings
in the system control panel. This also affects other places where the
system default sound is played, e.g. when a warning message using the
windows function MessageBox is shown.



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