[wingide-users] X11 keyboard configuration

Sheila King sheila at thinkspot.net
Sat Aug 26 20:00:31 MDT 2006

I had a hard drive crash last week (boo hoo for me) and have been 
reinstalling all my apps from scratch on a brand new hard drive.

WingIDE is giving me this "warning" when I launch it:

> Please make sure that your X11 server is configured to let Command keys
> be processed by X11 programs and not by the X11 server.This is necessary
> when using Wing's OS X keyboard personality. If you want the X11 server
> to process Command keys, you must select a keyboard personality other
> than OS X in Wing's preferences.
> You may also need to alter Wing's Apple Keyboard preference for Wing's OS
> X keyboard personality to work correctly.
> Note: X11 preference changes apply to all X11 applications.

I'm using Apple's X11 (I'm running on Mac OS X 10.4.7).
I don't remember where on my Mac to set that configuration...it's been so 
long since I set up WingIDE and I've looked and can't find it.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Sheila King
sheila at thinkspot.net

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