[wingide-users] Remote Debugging Paths

Sheila King sheila at thinkspot.net
Sun Aug 13 21:29:09 MDT 2006

--On August 13, 2006 9:19:33 PM -0400 Wingware Support 
<support at wingware.com> wrote:

> On Sun, 13 Aug 2006, Sheila King wrote:
>> However, using Subversion for code respository, and making branches and
>> oh how I WISH the remote debugging info like Paths and IP addresses and
>> so on could be stored PER PROJECT instead of just one time for the whole
>> application.
> Could you describe why the mapping would differ from project to
> project?  Since file sharing is set up on a per-machine basis,
> we thought having a location map in preferences would be enough
> to get things working across all projects.

I'm working on different branches of code. I have the different branches 
installed on the remote server in different directories. When I switch 
between working on different branches I have to keep going in and editing 
the paths to the remote directories, and also my local directories, since I 
keep my local repositories of the different branches in different 
directories on my own computer as well...

I suppose you could fix it up so there is a system-default set of directory 
paths, and then allow it to be overridden per project. That would work for 
my case, at least, and wouldn't change the current behavior?

>> Some of my branches are in a directory with a much longer path name.
>> The path name won't fit into the form in WingIDE where I need to enter
>> it.
> Oops, that's a bug and I've just released a fix for 2.1.1 -- use
> Check for Updates in the Help menu to get the fix.

OK...I still have to install the updated version on the remote 
server...uggg...Linux installs are not my strong suit.

> Thanks for reporting that.

No problem. I should've done it sooner. It's been bugging me (hahaha...pun) 
for a while now.


Sheila King
sheila at thinkspot.net

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