[wingide-users] Confused about indentation

Chris Curvey ccurvey at gmail.com
Sat Aug 12 07:41:31 MDT 2006

I never messed with any of the tab settings, Wing just seems to figure out
what I like.  But I am sure that if tab style is set to spaces, you'll get

Anyway, I can't quite tell what you're going for in your example (because I
can't tell if proportional fonts are hiding spaces before "def".  So is
"def" indented four, or is it indented two?  (Oh, I get it.  It's currently
indented two, and you want to hit "tab" and have it be indented four.
Looks like Wing is saying "this is already indented properly, I won't change

Are you trying to change the indentation of existing programs?


On 8/12/06, Tony Cappellini <cappy2112 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm going through hell trying to understand the tab/space conversion
> feature.
> With default tab size set to 4, does that insert 4 spaces when I have
> Default Indent Style = Spaces?
> When I press tab, are spaces actually inserted, or are tabs always
> inserted?
> I'm having a problem trying to get the cursor to tab over 4 columns, when
> I have the cursor to the left of the def below.
> The only way I could get the cursor to tab over was to convert the whole
> file to use tabs, which I don't want.
> TABS ARE EVIL, but I can't get Wing to tab over to the correct column when
> I convert the file to use spaces.
> class PageParam(object):
>    def __init__(self, Name="", Min=-1, Max=-1, Offset=-1, Data="",
> TransDict=None):
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The short answer is "Yes."  The long answer is "No."
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