[wingide-users] Text selection using cursor keys

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Fri Aug 11 09:02:52 MDT 2006

David Hughes wrote:
> In all the editors and word processors that I use, including Vim and the 
> 'Normal' WingIde keyboard, I can press shift to anchor the start point 
> at the cursor and use the right and/or down cursor keys to select  text. 

I'm not seeing this behavior in either vim 6.4.6 on Linux or vim 6.2 on 
OS X.  What version of vim are you using?

If you want to have shift+arrows act like they do in non-vi modes, add 
the following to your custom keybindings:
  'Shift-Down': 'next-line-extend'
  'Shift-Up': 'previous-line-extend'
  'Shift-Left': 'backward-char-extend'
  'Shift-Right': 'forward-char-extend'
You may also want to add additional bindings from the keymap.basic file 
in the Wing IDE install directory.



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