[wingide-users] Text selection using cursor keys

David Hughes dfh at forestfield.co.uk
Fri Aug 11 04:52:13 MDT 2006

In all the editors and word processors that I use, including Vim and the 
'Normal' WingIde keyboard, I can press shift to anchor the start point 
at the cursor and use the right and/or down cursor keys to select  text. 
My fingers are now hard wired to these combinations! But why is your Vi 
keyboard different? Shift/Down moves the cursor down about 30 lines and 
Shift/Right advances one word at a time. Neither selects text.

I've discovered that Shift+Control does the job, but I can't get my 
ageing fingers to adapt to the change :-(    
It might help if I knew there was a good reason why you have done it 
this way.
David Hughes
(Using version 2.1.1-1)

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