[wingide-users] Feature Request-Activating the Python shell

Tony Cappellini cappy2112 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 19:02:52 MDT 2006

When activating the Python shell. it would be very helpful (for me, at
least) for it to start in the same directory as the project directory.
Usually when I start the shell, I want to poke around with the files I'm
already working on, which happen to be the current project.
importing os.chdir() is just a pain, because I have to open Explorer to get
the path of the current directory.

So this doesn't interfere with anyone else's use, a check box or menu item
to configure in the currently running project directory, as opposed to
the default directory for the shell is. Whichever option is selected, sthis
should be saved with the curretn project settings, so the same behavior
occurs when that projec tis opened again.

Does anyone have any thoughts about this?
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