[wingide-users] Feature request- Bookmark enhancements

Michael Hipp michael at hipp.com
Tue Aug 8 11:39:05 MDT 2006

> From: "Tony Cappellini" <cappy2112 at gmail.com>
> It would be very help full to see which lines are bookmarked in the editor
> window, as you are scrolling through the code.
> Using a different graphical image in the same column as the Break point
> column would work.
> If both a bookmark and a breakpoint are on the same line, different colors
> and sizes would easily allow both to be present and visible.
> This is how bookmarks are implemented in the Visual Basic 6 IDE, and are
> quite useful.
> When the cursor is over the bookmark, a tool tip would pop up to show a
> reference for the bookmark- like Bookmark #5,etc.
> Additionally, being able to right-click and set, delete, show or goto to a
> bookmark would also be better than having to go to the menu.
> I'm a big fan of Right-click functionality.
> Does anyone else have any thoughts regarding this?

I would vote for this also.


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