[wingide-users] how to debug extra server in Zope

robert rottermann robert at redcor.ch
Tue Aug 8 04:58:54 MDT 2006

hi there,
(sorry if I post twice, my first email did not show up in my email)

I am developping a modul for an additional Zope-server that is running at port 1329.

it is configured in a zope conf stanza like this:
  %import MyZServers

    # what port is the nntp server running at
    address 119

as you can see this is a additional NNTP server is running under Zopes hood.
of course, this NNTP server is accessing objects from the ZODB.

now my question:
how can I set up wing that it listens to events coming from this server (and not the http server)?


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