[wingide-users] bookmarks in Vi mode

Doran_Dermot at emc.com Doran_Dermot at emc.com
Sat Aug 5 01:25:53 MDT 2006

Indeed it is!

I read the email too quickly (saw the . and not the preceeding ``) and
didn't check with real VIM behavior.  It must be too early in the
morning for me! Pathetic defense I know :-)


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Doran_Dermot at emc.com wrote:
> 1G: from a line somewhere in the file takes me to the first line.
> . : Repeats the last editing command (not movement)

That's expected behaviour! . should always repeat the last change, not
movement. First line from the VIM help text on .:

.         Repeat last change, with count replaced with [count].

Michael tried to use a double-backtick command (``):

''  ``    To the position before the latest jump, or where the
          last "m'" or "m`" command was given.

Note that double quote ('') which I normally use, does *not* work in
Wing. This is likely a missing keybinding (Stephan?).

Martijn Pieters

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