[wingide-users] bookmarks in Vi mode

Doran_Dermot at emc.com Doran_Dermot at emc.com
Sat Aug 5 01:03:09 MDT 2006

Hi Martijn and Michael!

I just tried this on Wing IDE Professional 2.1.1-1 Release Date July 31,
2006 (Windows version).  I get the same results as Michael.

1G: from a line somewhere in the file takes me to the first line.
. : Repeats the last editing command (not movement)



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Michael P. Soulier wrote:
> I was expecting Vim-like behaviour for this, but it didn't work.
> If I'm at say, line 100, and hit 1G in command-mode to jump to the
first line,
> I should be able to jump back to the previous line 100 with ``.
Instead, it
> says, 
> General: Unavailable commands: vi-goto-bookmark
> Also, trying to mark a bookmark, with say, 
> ma
> results in my being left in insert mode. Yikes.

Both of these work for me; what version are you running? (I tested this
in 2.1.1)

Martijn Pieters

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