[wingide-users] debugging python extension modules

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu Apr 27 11:13:42 EDT 2006

Gennan Chen wrote:
> 1. I need to go to command line and run 'python setup.py build -- 
> inplace' after I made some changes in the C code. is there a way to  
> setup something like this in wingIDE's gui??

You can use the build command in the project properties to run a command 
before each debug run.

> 2. Although I love printf in c, it is just not good enough for some  
> serious debugging. So, is it possible to use wing to debug the  
> extension module?

Wing can only debug Python code, unfortunately.  When I need to debug C 
code, I end up running in the native debugger or launching the program 
under Wing's debugger and then attaching to the process with the native 


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