[wingide-users] remote debugging path mapping problem

Bryan Stearns stearns at osafoundation.org
Wed Apr 12 18:42:13 EDT 2006

Thanks, John!  It should've occurred to me that the shared pyc's would 
have source info in them. Getting rid of 'em completely fixed the problem.


Wingware Support wrote:

> Bryan Stearns wrote:
>> I've got a remote debugging path-mapping problem: I'm getting errors 
>> sometimes like:
>> *Failed to open document 'schema.py 
>> (z:\main\chandler\z:\main\chandler\application)'
>> *
>> This happens when Wing thinks that an exception is unhandled because 
>> the handler on the stack is in a library written in C.
> Does this happen with python code that is called from swig code or are 
> you somehow seeing frames that are written in C?  You may want to try 
> deleting all shared .pyc files before running on a different platform 
> because .pyc files contain the pathname where they were compiled (e.g. 
> z:\main), which may be different from the location where they are 
> being run.  [...]

> John

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