[wingide-users] Debugger fails on SWIG-generated module

Bryan Stearns stearns at osafoundation.org
Wed Apr 12 15:12:59 EDT 2006

I've got the same situation (a C module that handles getattr); for some 
reason, Wing often appears to forget my "ignore this exception" 
settings, perhaps because something's changed in the stack trace to 
confuse it. As a result, I now know the five places in a normal clean 
startup that I need to ignore, because every couple days I find myself 
re-ignoring them. :-)

I understand why this is (why Wing can't tell that the exception is 
handled, and why a change in the app could cause my 'ignores' to get 
lost), but I've also noticed that frequently, the statement that Wing 
displays is of the form
    x = getattr(something, 'attr', defaultValue)

That third parameter guarantees that the AttributeError that Wing is 
reporting would be handled before returning to my code, right? Would it 
be reasonable to add this case to wing's handler-detection logic?

(I've got another problem related to this that I'm writing up in detail: 
when doing remote debugging and the target throws an exception, I get 
six or so alert boxes telling me that Wing can't open the source file 
"z:\path\to\file\z:\path\to\file" (yes, the path appears twice); this 
happens even if I've told Wing to ignore that exception. If this is a 
known thing, please let me know; otherwise, more details coming...)

...Bryan Stearns

Martijn Pieters wrote:

>Wing tries to show you all exceptions not caught locally by Python code;
> exceptions caught in C code are missed however. You normally don't see
>this exception as SWIG catches it.
>Just check the 'ignore this exception' box and continue the debugger.

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