[wingide-users] Hiding tool boxes (was RE: Maximising editable area)

Walker Hale walkerh at picoscript.com
Tue Apr 11 14:47:45 EDT 2006

I can appreciate your argument that three-state is not as good as other
options since few would actually uses all three states.

That seems to leave two viable options: (1) adding preferences to configure
F1, F2, & Shift-F2; and (2) exposing all decorations to toggle commands. I
suppose in an ideal world, Wing would do both, but there are other feature
requests contending for resources.

I can appreciate the argument that certain other features (like multi-thread
debugging) have higher value, but they also tend to have much higher
development cost. Doing something about hiding decorations is probably low
cost, since most of the supporting code is likely already written. (I know
that the functionality for hiding entire tool boxes is already there.)
Nevertheless, the demands of these other features means that we probably
can't have both any time soon. The Wingware team must be responsive to the
other needs.

So that means that it comes down to a choice between (1) adding preferences
or (2) adding toggle commands. The first option is easiest for those who
don't want to script Wing (like me). The second option is clearly more
flexible, but it limits non-scripters to whatever scripts get distributed by
the Wingware team or others. No matter how I look at it, it appears that
non-scripters would get closer to what they want with the first option of
adding preferences. So Stephan's instincts seem to be correct. Of course,
that is just the opinion of one user.

- Walker

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On Mon, 10 Apr 2006, Walker Hale wrote:
> Now that I think about it, I'm really starting to like that idea. Just 
> expose all the decorations through toggle commands that the users can 
> bind to keys. Then everybody gets what he wants without the Wingware 
> team having to program in behavior that tries to be a compromise 
> between everyone's preferences.

We'll probably make a preference for selecting what is hidden when editor
area is maximized -- this seems to address what people are asking for
without requiring the overhead of learning scripting.

Having each area be toggleable by command is also good.  There are already
commands like hide-horizontal-tools that could be used in a script but some
like show/hide toolbar are missing.

I'm leaning towards a pref also for F1 and F2 rather than making them three
state -- keep in mind that a three-state model would require two presses to
get from minimized to shown (via hidden).
I suspect that would get annoying.  But is this even needed if Maximize
Editor Area has a pref to specify what is hidden?

- Stephan

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