[wingide-users] More thoughts on toolbar hiding

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Tue Apr 11 09:54:30 EDT 2006

On Mon, 10 Apr 2006, Ken Kinder wrote:
> I'm in the camp, as I've said before, that would like to minimize the number
> of pixels spent on toolbars/whatnot. I've been thinking of how this could
> work, and I realized KDE does it surprisingly well. In KDE, you can have
> panels hide unless you move your mouse to the sides (or corners) of the
> screen. Panels also appear when you use hotkeys.

This would work if Wing's window covers the whole screen but I 
suspect it would be annoying or confusing when that isn't the 
case.  It is on our list as something to try at some point but as 
Russell Warren pointed out we should get basics like multithreaded 
debugging and hovering data values out of the way before we try
to get too fancy.

> The one holdover from emacs that I think is missing in Wing is that with
> Emacs, you can dedicate your entire screen to nothing but editing -- which
> with the right learned keystrokes, is handy. I'm thinking you press F2 to
> show your toolbar, use whatever you want, and press F2 again and the entire
> bottom panel vanishes. Pure text all the way to the bottom of the screen.

Sounds like allowing F1/F2 to be configurable would get you what 
you want?

Actually, you could already configure them to hide rather than 
minimize by making use of the hide-horizontal-tools and 
hide-vertical-tools commands.  Either bind that to another key or 
if you want F1/F2 to toggle, at the moment you would need a bit 
of scripting to arrive at one command to use in the keymap 
override pref.  Or, if you don't mind hacking around, change the 
F1/F2 key definitions in keymap.basic in your Wing installation 
to use hide-* instead of minimize-*.  But if you do that, don't 
forget to completely remove Wing before upgrading.

- Stephan

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