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Russell Warren rwarren at picarro.com
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Adding to the comments here...
In general I'm happy with the F1 and F2 hiding of the lower and right panes (don't think I rebound those) because I usually work fullscreen on a massive monitor- good ol' 1800x1440 is my coding friend, if not my eyeballs'.  For working with a zillion windows and Wing in the corner of my screen, if these show/hide toggles were 3-phase instead as suggested by someone that would be great.
Having said that, I'd personally put several other things in front of this.  Handling multiple threads in the debugger, object value tooltips when hovering over them, kwargs in the autocomplete list, url detection and linking, search/replace in selected text, and an integrated wx GUI builder are on the tip of my brain at the moment... not that they're necessarily comparable in scope! :)
As to dynamic resizing of text, I'm perfectly fine with the two speedy options that I know of: ctrl-mouse-wheel-up/down, and ctrl-numpad-plus and ctrl-numpad-minus.  I often don't even remember my default font size because I just adjust to whetever is the best for the moment (visibility or my level of eye fatigue).


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I'm in the camp, as I've said before, that would like to minimize the number of pixels spent on toolbars/whatnot. I've been thinking of how this could work, and I realized KDE does it surprisingly well. In KDE, you can have panels hide unless you move your mouse to the sides (or corners) of the screen. Panels also appear when you use hotkeys. 

The one holdover from emacs that I think is missing in Wing is that with Emacs, you can dedicate your entire screen to nothing but editing -- which with the right learned keystrokes, is handy. I'm thinking you press F2 to show your toolbar, use whatever you want, and press F2 again and the entire bottom panel vanishes. Pure text all the way to the bottom of the screen. 

This might be a lot to ask for, but dynamicly adjusting the font could be nice. I normally don't want to strain my eyes, but if I'm looking at a huge tab-delimited for or just scanning through a lot of code, jumping to a smaller font is nice. 

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