[wingide-users] Hiding tool boxes (was RE: Maximising editable area)

Walker Hale walkerh at picoscript.com
Mon Apr 10 14:30:24 EDT 2006

I would greatly appreciate moving F1 and F2 to three-state behavior. I
frequently want the bottom toolbox to "just go away" until needed. (With 80
column source code, I have plenty of space horizontally for tool boxes on
the side, but I want to maximize vertical space.) I can hide the bottom tool
box with the context menu, but this means taking my hands off the keyboard.
With 2.1, I can shift-F2 followed by F2 to hide just the bottom, but that is
both an extra keystroke and kind of backwards (get rid of all tool boxes and
then restore the side tool boxes in order to have the effect of getting rid
of the bottom tool box). It would be much nicer to hit F1 once or twice in
order to make the bottom tool boxes go away until needed.

As for getting rid of the other decorations, I don't know how I feel.
There's the menu bar, the document tabs, the bookmarks bar, the scroll bars,
and the status bar at the bottom. With the possible exception of the menu
bar, I'm sure that each decoration has significant numbers of programmers
that want to hide it. Maybe the best option is to add a bindable command for
each of these decorations. That way each programmer could define a set of
keys controlling those decorations that he cares about hiding.

Now that I think about it, I'm really starting to like that idea. Just
expose all the decorations through toggle commands that the users can bind
to keys. Then everybody gets what he wants without the Wingware team having
to program in behavior that tries to be a compromise between everyone's

- Walker

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On Sat, 8 Apr 2006, Robert Leftwich wrote:
> Is it possible to turn off the scroll bars and the editor menu area 
> (where the source index, editor option menu and the prev/next bookmark 
> arrows are
> displayed) to maximise the editable area? (I'm using 2.1.0-b1 on Ubuntu

Use Maximize Editor Area in the Tools menu.  However, this doesn't hide as
much as you seem to want to hide.  Would you also want to hide the notebook
tabs, assuming you're using those?
I ask because I'm considering making this three-state -- hide as implemented
now, hide everything, and show everything.  I just don't know how to define
"everything" for hiding more than we hide now.

- Stephan

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