[wingide-users] Feature requests

Sheila King sheila at thinkspot.net
Tue Sep 27 20:46:18 EDT 2005

On Sep 27, 2005, at 6:13 AM, Simon Carter wrote:
> -          Pylint/Pychecker integration. One of the great things  
> about Pydev is it’s ability to inform you of potential errors in  
> your code as you’re typing, a feature I miss in Wing. Indeed, if  
> that degree of integration is too ambitious an addition, a simple  
> tool for running a static analysis, which enables you to quickly  
> jump to the error locations within Wing, would go a long way.

There is a built-in syntax checker (if that's what you're asking  
about?). It is kind of subtle. Took me a while to get used to it, but  
now that I am, I do instantly recognize my syntax errors as I'm typing.

When a syntax error occurs, there is a jagged red zigzag underline on  
the parts of your code that are not syntacticly correct.

Sheila King
sheila at thinkspot.net

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