[wingide-users] Edit-and-continue, what are the alternatives?

Markus Meyer meyer at mesw.de
Thu Sep 22 09:40:50 EDT 2005

Hello everyone,

I currently work on a large application which operates in a distributed 
environment. I use VMWare, which is connected to a remote VPN, so the 
test environment is somewhat special. The startup time of the 
application is about 30 seconds from the Wing IDE editor, and everytime 
there is a typo in the code or so, I have to cancel the application, 
resolve the typo, then manually issue lots of SQL queries to get the DB 
back to a sane state, and restart the app (did I mention this takes 
about 30 seconds?).

This naturally slows down my testing and debugging. So, two questions 
arise from this context:

1. From Visual C++, I know the Edit-and-Continue functionality. It 
basically lets one fix the code while the app is running. Of course, 
this doesn't work for large-scale changes, but a typo, or a wrong 
condition in a for-loop can easily be fixed. Is it possible to do 
something like this with Wing IDE, maybe by using the Debug console? If 
not, is this planned?

2. What do other users recommend in such a situation? I know that 
writing unit tests for everything can lower the amount of debugging 
needed for the full app, but then again, with the distributed 
environment I have here, writing a "small" testcase for everything is 
hardly possible.


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