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Russell Warren rwarren at picarro.com
Fri Sep 9 10:08:24 EDT 2005

Tangent question from a relative Python newbie not yet familiar with the zillion available Python libraries...

Does Python not have a sizeof-like function to do what you are doing with that getsizefromtype routine?  It seems painful/strange that you must write that function.

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On Fri, 9 Sep 2005, Dave Aitel wrote:
> I use the source completion a lot, but what mystifies me is why when I'm 
> doing something like this:
> def getsizefromtype(basetype):
>     "int is 4, etc"
>     if basetype in [FC_BYTE,FC_CHAR]:
>         return 1
>     elif base <--- here it shows me something random first, not "basetype".
> Should it be doing a "most recently used" search of some kind?

It should be going alphabetically and selecting the first match 
alphabetically, not randomly.  However, augmenting that by selecting 
most recently used match, if any, is a good suggestion.  I've added it 
as a feature request.

- Stephan

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