[wingide-users] Stack Data Tool changes name on variables

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Fri Sep 9 10:02:18 EDT 2005

Are you running with the system GTK?  If so, can you try running Wing 
with --private-gtk command line option to see if it still has the 
problem?  It sounds like the tree model is getting confused and I want 
to rule out a GTK version incompatibility.


Stephan Deibel

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On Fri, 9 Sep 2005, Jacob Lundqvist wrote:

> I have a problem with the Stack Data tool, that lately makes it almost 
> unusable.
> On some projects when I expand variables of dicts within dicts type,
> ie such as:
> foo={'bar':{'a':1,
>              'b':'helo',
>              'c':{'first':1,
>                   'second':2,
>                   'third':3
>                  },
>             },
>       'whatever':1,
>      }
> the name of the variable seems to be semi-random -
> that is not completely random, but it displays a ranomd name from the 
> group defined as other variable names +/- aprox 5 rows from the intended 
> name in the list.
> In my example it would typically trigger on the "bar" and "whatever" 
> level and below, never on top-level names.
> If I move my mouse over the variable name, it sometimes changes to other 
> random names from the lines in the vincinity.
> The only thing that never happens when this behaviour triggers is the 
> displaying of the correct name.
> Values are always correct but its hard to debug without knowing the name 
> of the variable...
> I have tried to remove my .wingide2 and reinstall and to remove the .wpr 
> files and recreate them
> I also try using "untouched" preferences, in order to run on an as clean 
> system-environ as possible in order to not create possible side-effects 
> from my settings.
> I run on a stock ubuntu 5.4 fully updated and use
> wing 2.03-1 with patches 01,03,04,05
>    regards /Jacob Lundqvist
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