[wingide-users] Stack Data Tool changes name on variables

Jacob Lundqvist jaclu2 at galdrion.com
Fri Sep 9 06:15:04 EDT 2005

I have a problem with the Stack Data tool, that lately makes it almost 

On some projects when I expand variables of dicts within dicts type,

ie such as:


the name of the variable seems to be semi-random -
that is not completely random, but it displays a ranomd name from the 
group defined as other variable names +/- aprox 5 rows from the intended 
name in the list.

In my example it would typically trigger on the "bar" and "whatever" 
level and below, never on top-level names.

If I move my mouse over the variable name, it sometimes changes to other 
random names from the lines in the vincinity.

The only thing that never happens when this behaviour triggers is the 
displaying of the correct name.

Values are always correct but its hard to debug without knowing the name 
of the variable...

I have tried to remove my .wingide2 and reinstall and to remove the .wpr 
files and recreate them

I also try using "untouched" preferences, in order to run on an as clean 
system-environ as possible in order to not create possible side-effects 
from my settings.

I run on a stock ubuntu 5.4 fully updated and use
wing 2.03-1 with patches 01,03,04,05

   regards /Jacob Lundqvist

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