[wingide-users] confused about "projects"

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu Oct 27 10:44:21 EDT 2005

On Thu, 27 Oct 2005 rr at nederhoed.com wrote:
> Must say the project handling wasn't intuitive for me too. I seem to understand
> how it works now. I also had to explain to my colleague how he could handle the
> projects tab and files.
> For example:
>  - "Default project" implicates a project selected as default. In fact it is a
> auto-saving, non-closable set of files the developer will see when he opens
> Wing. (Which I do not consider a bad thing)

Correct.  Is there a better name we could be using?

Also, would it help to ask the user to select the project
name/location immediately after New Project?  We felt it better
to not write anything until saved by user the first time (same 
as New File) but perhaps that's making it more confusing.

>  - Will "Save all" also save the project file?

Yes, it does.

> It would be nice if:
>  - "Add file" would offer the selection of multiple files in a directory

Yes, this is a shortcoming, tho often Add Package can be used for
that. Actually, it may work already on Windows.  I know we fixed
that for file open at least in Wing 2.0.2, but I can't check it
right now.  Also, I think we may be replacing the file dialog
used on Linux/Mac that hopefully will improve this there as well.


- Stephan

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