[wingide-users] trouble debugging.

Lionel barret De Nazaris lionel.bdn at free.fr
Mon Oct 24 11:04:33 EDT 2005

I'm quite new to Wing and I don't grasp the debugging philosophy. So if 
anyone could help me...

I am coding a game. I have a main loop which update the world and the 
rendering process.
Alas, one of my world object is behaving incorrectly and I have no idea 
what's cause this.

The guilty world object is in a "Livething.py" module, but I don't see 
how I could launch my game (i.e my Main.py module) and have a active 
breakpoint in Livething.py.
This drives me crazy, as I cannot believe this is not possible...(I've 
read the docs, Do I have missed something ?)

Lionel, slowly dying of frustration....

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