[wingide-users] WingDBG (Zope Debugging support for Wing) development

Martijn Pieters mj at zopatista.com
Sat Oct 22 15:02:16 EDT 2005

Hi guys,

As a few people have expressed interest in helping further develop 
WingDBG, I converted my internal CVS repository to a public subversion 
repository and created supporting mailinglists.

WingDBG is the Zope Product originally developed by Wingware, and 
rewritten by me; the latter version will be included with Wing 2.1. The 
Product provides Zope developers with an extra single-threaded HTTP 
server through which all requests can be debugged with Wing.

The subversion repository can be found at:


The two lists created are:


The -dev list is for development discussions, and the -commits list is 
for all changes committed to the repository.

At some point in the nearby future I'll also open a Trac instance for my 
smaller Zopatista projects, of which WingDBG is one; at this point the 
development team will have a webview on the repository, a ticket tracker 
and a wiki as well.

Martijn Pieters
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