[wingide-users] Patch: editor-extensions.py upper/lower/titlecase

Yves Bastide bastide at agrocampus-rennes.fr
Wed Oct 19 12:42:24 EDT 2005

Wingware Support wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, 19 Oct 2005, Yves Bastide wrote:
>> BTW, the first chunk of the patch does not apply, since it tries to 
>> remove a nonexistent '_ignore_scripts = 1' from 
>> /usr/local/lib/wingide2.0/scripts/editor-extensions.py. I had to add 
>> this line because the scripts search order is backward 
>> (/usr/local/lib/wingide2.0/scripts is before ~/.wingide2.0/scripts); and 
>> changing it breaks the 'import' statement. Known bug?

Hmm. The search order is a red herring, and my bug report's wrong.
I think wingide just doesn't like having two scripts with the same name.

(0. Close every files and wingide)

1. Copy /usr/local/lib/wingide2.0/scripts/editor-extensions.py
in ~/.wingide2.0/scripts

2. Start wingide

2.5 Create a new file

3. Execute upper-case: Exception

Here's the log extract:

wingide - 2005/10/19 18:08:36 - Scripts: Error::Error executing script .user.internal_script_editor_extensions.upper_case
wingide - 2005/10/19 18:08:36 - Runtime failure details:
wingide - 2005/10/19 18:08:36 - Exception: 'exceptions.AttributeError'
wingide - 2005/10/19 18:08:36 - Value = "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'upper'"
wingide - 2005/10/19 18:08:36 - Traceback:
wingide - 2005/10/19 18:08:36 -   File "2.3/src/command/commandmgr.pyo", line 735, in Execute
wingide - 2005/10/19 18:08:36 -   File "/usr/local/lib/wingide2.0/scripts/editor-extensions.py", line 64, in upper_case
wingide - 2005/10/19 18:08:36 -     _transform_selection(editor, string.upper)

(Note that the global script was used; this, whether you select
the first or second 'upper-case').

The exception is on 'string.upper', and indeed string is None.
Putting 'print string.upper' results in an UnboundLocalError
on 'string'; re-importing string makes print fly, but then
_transform_selection is None...

>> BTW2: Do you Wingware guys plan on using a public bug tracker?
> We may add one but have found so far that it's easier to maintain 
> a private list (this may be changing tho as the user base grows).

Yep, I understand it may be less usable for you. As an user, I'd
like to know reported bugs, requested features, etc. without having
to search the mailing list

> Thanks for the patches!

You're welcome!

> Stephan Deibel


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