[wingide-users] multiple source assistants

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Wed Oct 12 14:02:36 EDT 2005

John Goodleaf wrote:
> Is there a way to have multiple source assistants open at the same time,
> but tied to specific windows? So, for example, I have the screen split and
> am working in different windows simultaneously. Can I have a source
> assistant pointed at the code in each window, working independently?

Each source assistant is tied to the document that has the focus in the 
same top-level OS window or to the document window that has the focus if 
the assistant is in a top-level window without a document in it.  So you 
can have multiple top-level document windows with their own source 

> On another note, this feels like a question someone else may have asked
> already. Is there a searchable archive of this list, which I've just
> missed?

You can use the search box on the wingware.com website or recent 
postings are available through gmane.org



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